20' Wide JT Structure Tents

JT structure tents have a clear span interior and gable ends that allow for uninterrupted use of space. These tents can be easily dressed up by adding clear tops, sunburst ends, or a tent liner. The frame of the tent also provides easily accessible rigging points for lighting and decor. Their versatility makes the JT structure tent perfect for both weddings and corporate events.  All of our JT structure tents can be outfitted with flooring, walls, heaters, and air conditioning to further protect your event from the elements.

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20' Wide JT Structure Tent Height:

  • 8' leg
  • Overall height 13'

20' Wide JT Structure Tent Anchoring:

  • Tent stakes, or ballast

20' Wide Structure Tent Space Required for Install:

  • A minimum of 28' in width to accommodate stake lines or ballast
  • Tent's length can be increased in 15' increments

20' Wide JT Structure Tent Engineering:

  • Engineered to ASCE 7-10 100 mph (3 second gust)

There are many factors that go into sizing a tent, such as the available area at the event location, style of tent being used, event type, and power requirements to name a few. Due to all the possible variations, it is always best to have a tent rental expert discuss your event needs with you and view your event location to size your tent properly. To set up a site consultation with one of our event planners call us at 724-539-1009.  If you are just looking to get a ballpark size of the tent you will need, you can use the tent sizing chart below.

Tent sizing chart:

  • Seating at banquet tables 8 sq ft/person
  • Seating at round tables 12 sq ft/person
  • Cocktail party with no seating 6 sq ft/person, mix of seating and standing 8 sq ft/person
  • Dancing 2-4 sq ft/person
  • Other needs (ex. card table, bar, buffet) 100 sq ft per 8' banquet table needed


  • Tent has a clear span interior
  • Has many options, such as clear tops, white tops, tent liners, chandeliers, fabric decor
  • Frame work creates multiple rigging points for lighting and decor
  • Walls and tops are on keedered tracks, which seal the tent up extremely tight to protect against wind and rain
  • Walls can also easily be removed if weather permits
  • Tent can be installed over small structures (ei. flower beds, small trees)
  • Tent can be anchored with ballast if driving tent stakes is not a possibility


  • Structure tent rental cost is higher than pole tent rental costs
  • If you are not planning on using any decor in the tent, some people are turned off by the look of the metal frames

20' x 15' JT Structure Tent
20' x 30' JT Structure Tent
20' x 45' JT Structure Tent
20' x 60' JT Structure Tent
20' x 75' JT Structure Tent
20' x 90' JT Structure Tent
20' x 105' JT Structure Tent
20' x 120' JT Structure Tent

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