60' Wide Pole Tents

Windswept Party & Event Rentals prides itself in providing unmatched customer service, clean high quality tent rentals, and experienced event planners to help you select the tent and party rentals that are right for your event. All our tent rentals are installed by event professionals who are trained in best tent installation practices to make sure your tent will stand up to the elements, keeping your guests safe, dry, and comfortable.

Pole tents are our most popular wedding tent rental because they have very little metal to detract from the elegance of the event. They have high sweeping peaks that create a blank canvas to decorate with lighting and fabric decor. They are also the most economical tent per square foot. All of our pole tents can be outfitted with flooring, walls, heaters, and air conditioning to help further protect your event from the elements.

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60' Wide Pole Tent Height:

  • 8' side poles are standard
  • Overall height 25'
  • Saddle height 22'

60' Wide Pole Tent Anchoring:

  • Must be anchored using tent stakes, tent cannot be anchored with weights

60' Wide Pole Tent Space Required for Install:

  • A minimum of 74' in width to accommodate stake lines
  • A minimum of 14' more than the total length of the tent dimensions to accommodate stake lines
  • This is a twin peak tent with two center poles every 20'  the length of the tent and 20' spacing between centerpoles across the 60' side of the tent

60' Wide Pole Tent Engineering:

  • Our 60' wide pole tents are engineered to meet 70 mph wind-load

There are many factors that go into sizing a tent, such as the available area at the event location, style of tent being used, event type, and power requirements to name a few. Due to all the possible variations, it is always best to have a tent rental expert discuss your event needs with you, and view your event location to size your tent properly. To set up a site consultation with one of our event planners call us at 724-539-1009.  If you are just looking to get a ballpark size of the tent you will need, you can use the tent sizing chart below.

Tent sizing chart:

  • Seating at banquet tables 8 sq ft/person
  • Seating at round tables 12 sq ft/person
  • Cocktail party with no seating 6 sq ft/person, mix of seating and standing 8 sq ft/person
  • Dancing 2-4 sq ft/person
  • Other needs (ex. card table, bar, buffet) 100 sq ft per 8' banquet table needed


  • Pole tents are the most cost effective tenting per sq foot
  • Pole tents have no metal frame to take away from the elegance of an event
  • Pole tents are easily decorated


  • Pole tents cannot safely be anchored with ballast
  • Pole tents have center poles that can obstruct sight lines and table layouts
  • The area where a pole tent is being set up must be completely clear of obstructions (i.e. water fountains, flower beds)
  • It is hard to add bump out tents for bars or DJ's since there are legs and anchors every 10' on a pole tent

60' x 40' Pole Tent
60' x 60' Pole Tent
60' x 80' Pole Tent
60' x 100' Pole Tent