Vanessa Platinum Dinnerware

People often ask how renting dinnerware works. Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions and the answers to those questions.

Q: Do I have to clean the dinnerware before it is returned?
A: No, we will take care of cleaning and repackaging.  We only ask that you scrape the dishes clean and place them back in their storage containers.

Q: How will the dishware be packaged?
A: Dishware comes packaged in plastic quantities of five. The packages of five are then bundled into shipping containers for transport.

Q: How do I order dishware?
A: Dishware is ordered in quantities of five.  It is recommended that you order roughly 5% more dishware than your guest count.

Q: Do you place the dishware on the tables?
A: No, this is normally done by the caterer.

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10.5" Vanessa Platinum Dinner Plate
7.5" Vanessa Platinum Salad Plate
6" Vanessa Platinum Bread & Butter Plate
Vanessa Platinum Coffee Saucer
8oz Vanessa Platinum Coffee Cup
12" Vanessa Platinum Charger