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Another Happy Customer!

Windswept Team,

I am taking the time to write a quick note to say that the service and equipment provided for our wedding on August 1,2015 was exceptional. We know why Windswept is #1 in the rental business in Western PA!
Thank you again for a job well done! We will be booking our next event with you guys again. 

I would refer anyone to Windswept!

Best regards,


Since 1991 Windswept Party and Event Rentals has been working with brides, grooms, and their families to help plan "Picture Perfect" weddings. From rustic to elegant, private to elaborate, Windswept is an all-in-one concept to completion wedding rental company. We can handle all aspects of your wedding, including venue selection,  creating event layouts, and rentals such as tents, tables, chairs, linens,  and tableware. No matter the size of your wedding, our team of event coordinators can help you plan it from the ground up. With over 25 years of experience, we'll help you think of every detail. Let us take the stress out of the planning process so that you can focus on enjoying your special day!

Steps to Planning a Tented Wedding

Windswept's event rental professionals have a wealth of knowledge and experience in planning outdoor weddings both big and small. We will be there with you every step of the planning process starting with a site consutation, CAD layouts, installation of your tent and rentals, and day of event services (if needed).  When a bride comes to us to plan an outdoor wedding here are the basic steps we go through to determine what rentals will be needed.

We go over all aspects of the reception to determine what style and size tent rental is right for your wedding.  Below is an abreviated list of the questions we will ask to determine this:

  • Do you want a head table? If yes how many people are in the wedding party?
  • Do you want your guests to be seated at round tables, rectangle tables, or a combination of the two?
  • Will dinner be served, or a buffet?
  • Do you want a dance floor?
  • Are your having a band or a DJ?
  • Is there anything else that you would like under the tent such as bars, cake tables, gift table, etc..?

Once we have the answers to the questions we will create a rental quote and event layout using our CAD sytem for the bride and groom to review.  

Ater an event layout has been agreed upon we will discuss climate control.  Depending on the season your wedding is taking place you may or may not need any rentals for climate control.  Some of the more common climate control rentals are heaters, air conditioning, and fans. These climate control measures are often added the week of the wedding based on the weather forecast.  

Next we will discuss  lighting and decor.  Tents can be kept very basic with only a standard lighting package, or more elegant lighting and decor can be selected such as chandeliers, tent liners, leg skirts, and string light canopies to name a few.  

Once the climate control, lighting and decor, and facilities have been selected we will determine how much power is needed.  Often the needed power is available at the event site, if it is not available we will provide a generator and distribution equipment.

A site consult can be preformed by one of our event rental professionals to make sure the rentals discussed will work at your event location.

Finally we will have you out to our showroom to select your linens, chairs, dishware and flatware.  Once all of that is done the only thing left to do is enjoy your wedding day!

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